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Webster Drives is the specialist in design and manufacture of Power Take-Off’s and bespoke transmission components operating within niche market sectors of the automotive industry.

Originally founded in 1878 to make wind driven water pumps. Webster Drives moved into PTO manufacture in 1934 and have since produced in excess of half a million units.

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Webster Drives PTO’s have been continuously developed through the years to combine superb performance with ease of operation and outstanding reliability. These units are used by many leading truck manufacturers and body builders to provide auxiliary power to drive operating equipment on, for example, lorry cranes, liquid and powder road tankers, demountable bodies, refuse compactors and skip loader applications.

Clutch engagement PTO’s have been pioneered by Webster Drives. This feature gives each customer application simple push button control, improved safety, increased efficiency and flexibility together with the elimination of gear damage.

The PTO range is enhanced by a comprehensive package of associated equipment including a full range of high performance hydraulic gear and piston pumps. Flexibility and efficiency are at the heart of these systems which have been developed in close consultation with vehicle designers, equipment installers and end-users.

Over more recent times the company has used its expertise in gearboxes and vehicle technology to design and develop a range of bespoke transmissions comprising special purpose gearboxes, drop boxes, transfer boxes and axle assemblies for diverse vehicle applications ranging from fire service, construction equipment to all terrain military vehicles.