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Webster Drives has an international reputation for the design and manufacture of driveline equipment Webster Drives has an international reputation for its expertise in the manufacture of superbly engineered driveline equipment.

Chain drive or gear driven to suit the application, the range includes drop boxes, split shaft transfer boxes, step-up and reduction gearboxes each available to precisely match customer requirements.

A variety of ratios and drive flange build options are available to suit most vehicle installations giving maximum system flexibility to the Body Builder. Many drive line solutions have integrated Power Take Off capability, forward or rearward facing or dual output.

Drop Box options include in-built locking differentials and anti wind-up systems, mechanically or clutch operated. The gear box may be close coupled to provide a compact drive line solution.

Most products feature helical ground gears for increased power transmission and reduced noise to give smooth running. Where required, Drive Line gearboxes have ribbed cases for maximum heat dissipation. Others have internal cooling coils fitted as standard to allow for continuous operation. Microswitch fitment options are available to indicated engagement.

Webster Drives has the capability to build to customer specification or to develop a custom design to best suit the requirements of the application.


  • Integrated PTO capability :
    Close coupled drives.
    Multiple outputs.

  • Ease of installation :
    Alternative fitment positions
    Rotation reversal option.

  • Cooling system :
    Ribbed casings.
    Internal cooling coils.
    Forced lubrication.

  • Through torques :
    3000 to 30,000Nm.